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At Walk-In Tubs Fraser Valley, we sell and install some of the finest walk-in bathtub models that not only serve you well but also make your bathroom look great! Visit us today to view our wide and sleek range of walk-in bathtubs. All of our models are CSA certified. If you have any doubts regarding which model you should buy, you can refer to our FAQ page. If you still don’t get the clarity you desire, our team is here to help you pick out the right one. We will be glad to help you out with a free quote.

Here are the various models we offer:

Design that Saves Space

The Fairmount features an inward-swinging all-aluminum door that fits everywhere a regular 5' tub can. It has high-flow taps with stainless steel hoses and is supported by eight levelling legs for further stability and strength. It can be outfitted with all of our choices in addition to our standard features.

Better Accessibility

Our most popular type, Panama, features an outward-swinging door that, when combined with a huge 32" wide entrance, makes it the easiest walk-in bathtub to use. It has quick-filling taps and is supported by eight legs for further strength and stability. It can be equipped with any of our choices in addition to all of our standard features.

Need More Leg Room?

The opulent Oasis is the most recent addition to our collection. With a length of 60 inches, it is longer than other models. It's designed for maximum comfort and a neck-deep soaking experience, with a reclined backrest. It comes with all of our standard features and may be customized with any of our choices.

Experience Spacious Bathing

Our bariatric bathtub is the Grandeur walk-in tub. It boasts a 32" wide outward-swinging door and a 30" broad seat, providing plenty of space and comfort. It comes with high-flow taps and stainless steel hoses, much like the rest of our tubs. It can be upgraded with any of our upgrade choices in addition to the rest of the standard features.

Family Friendly Accessibility

The So-Lo tub is a normal 5′ tub with a door for easy access. This low-cost option makes a walk-in bathtub accessible to people of all income levels. It lacks the features and possibilities of other versions, but it nevertheless eliminates the need to step over a high tub edge, making bathing safer for anyone with mobility concerns.

Upright Seating Position

This Japanese soaking tub allows bathers to sit upright for a peaceful foot bath or a complete soak up to the chest. It can be used in place of a standard 48-inch tub, although it has a smaller footprint and taller walls. The upright design saves water compared to other models and includes our characteristic outward-swinging door. It comes with all of our standard features and may be customized with any of our choices.

Easy Roll-in and Walk-in Access

For mobility-impaired people, the Phoenix barrier-free shower eliminates impediments during showering. Even walkers and wheelchairs can be wheeled right into the shower due to the barely-there 3/4′′ threshold.

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Luxurious Baths Begin Right Here!

We have the perfect walk-in bathtub for your home. Choose from our range of Canadian-assembled tubs and showers with advanced features.

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